About Us

This blog is a collective effort of a few members of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. The website should serve as a resource of articles—academic, feature, editorial, and the likes—that tackles anything and everything IFI. The administrators of this blog acknowlege the need to learn more about the beloved church. This is our response to the call of having a venue for open discussions about IFI members’ concerns and queries.

Hopefully, this project will help everyone of us to know more and understand in-depth how the IFI started, why it was founded, what its mission and ministry are, what nationalistic heritage it has left its members, what its role in the development of the Filipino faith is, what legacy it has left to Philippine history, and what it has contributed to the Philippine society.

This is an unofficial blog that serves as a data bank of reference materials for the use of everyone, specially the young people who wish to learn more about IFI.

Please be reminded that the views and opinions posted in this site are exclusively of the author/s, unless stated otherwise. The authors’ comments and opinions does not represent that of the general membership’s, the Central Office’s or the leadership’s point of view.


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