by Marujah Doverte on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 9:13pm

The EXECOM of the Women of Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Diocese of Surigao in its regular meeting in Timamana Parish, Timamana, Tubod, Surigao del Norte yesterday, September 17, 2011 had an exposure at Silangan Mindanao Mining Company Inc. It is one of a kind experience of the WOPIC , in direct contact with the environmental condition and social influence that the company brings to the community.

The presence of Silangan Mining in barangay Timamana offered employment to the people and help the economic condition of the community, but it is reality that it post risk and danger to people and environment . The company is claiming to be still in its exploration period now with the tunnel type mining activities. The underground mines are used to exploit any kind of resource that happens to be found underground and extremely dangerous places to work. The deeper they go, the more dangerous it is.

Though tunnel type mining has lesser environmental destruction compared to open pit, but still the danger to ruin and exploit mother nature is not an exemption. The risk and danger to destroy the water table and contamination of chemicals to ground water is alarming. The water source of this area and that of barangay Anislagan, the neighboring barangay which is part also of the claim of the company is the only source that supplies water to barangay Timamana, to the town of Placer and some barangays of Taganaan.

The environmental protection devices introduced by the company to protect the water table and to avoid underground water contamination are not enough considering the extent of its exploration and our apprehensions that in near future the company will put up mining processing plants and bring in more equipments to the site .


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