St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary (SATS) is an ecumenical center of theological education, training and formation serving both the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. Its primary purpose is the formation of an authentic Christian ministry for leadership of the Church in the Philippines and Asia today and to serve the needs of our people in this generation of challenge and change, through disciplined study, spiritual and ministerial formation within the Body of Christ.

To carry out its task the Seminary is committed to “doing liturgy” and “doing theology” within the missionary context of Asia, particularly in the Philippines and the region of South Asia and the Pacific, through its curricula and programs that seek to integrate biblical and historical studies, field education and theological reflections, individual and corporate living out and celebration of the Christian faith.

Vision and Mission Statements

We envision Saints Andrew’s Theological Seminary as a witnessing community dedicated to the formation of spiritually vibrant, theologically sound, and pastorally responsive ministers.

SATS exists to train and equip people for the ministry in the work of Christian worship, witness and service. Specifically, the Seminary aims


  1. To prepare Candidates for Holy Orders, as well as to educate and train people for lay ministries;
  2. To provide a context of worship, learning and personal growth for the spiritual journey of members of the seminary community.
  3. To provide resources for continuing theological education for lay and ordained persons, and to set up theological education networking with and among constituencies of the IFI and ECP as well as firm up educational relationships with neighboring institutions in Cathedral Heights and in the wider educational environs of Metro-Manila.
  4. To participate more fully – faculty-wise and student-wise – in the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology (SEAGST), and to evolve a center of study and research which can contribute to the work of the Council of the Church of East Asia in particular.
  5. To train seminarians so that they can equip the saints; and
  6. To provide students with optimum theological knowledge and inculcate Christian values among them.

Contact Details
The Rev. Dr. Patrick Tanjuanco
Dean, Saint Andrew’s Theological Seminary (SATS)
275 E. Rodriguez Ext Blvd
, Philippines

Telephone + 063 02 722 2504


Aglipay Central Theological Seminary (ACTS) was formally inaugurated as a center of theological education and spiritual formation in 1986. It has a long history, being originally established in 1902 under the name Seminario Central de Mabini, and was renamed as Gregorio Aglipay Theological Seminary in 1981 and Iglesia Filipina Independiente Theological Seminary in 1982.

ACTS offers a Bachelor in Theology Program for those who aspire to enter the ordained ministry in the Church. It is a four-year study program with a curriculum focused on biblical, theological, historical and pastoral studies with reference to parish management and development and wider cultural and social context.


We envision Aglipay Central Theological Seminary as the center of theological education in the IFI dedicated to the relevant formation of those called to the ordained ministry and sound learning for the laity and leadership body in the church.


ACTS will serve as a center for competent study, training, education and formation of suitable candidates for the holy orders and for lay ministry within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

ACTS will pursue to enrich and strengthen the IFI vision to institute a theological education and formation in accordance with the Declaration of Faith and the Articles of Religion, in the context of discipleship for God and the Country.

ACTS will embody the nationalist ideals and aspirations of the Filipino people, the ideas that once shaped, and today continue to nurture, the IFI as a Congregation of Faith.


  1. To prepare students with the necessary skills and the theological formation that stress parochial leadership as well as educate people for lay ministries;
  2. To develop the student’s own capacity in doing theology and in facilitating other people’s need to express their theology in a critical, systematic and relevant way;
  3. To take part in dialogue and get involved in the present day situation of church and society, by giving special attention to issues that promotes justice, freedom, peace and solidarity;
  4. To maintain academic excellence, stress spiritual formation, character development and the relevance of the studies to the local realities, and thereby meeting people’s expectations on both the ordained and the lay ministers;
  5. To participate more fully in various associations for theological education and to evolve as center of study and research that can contribute towards an ecumenical, liberational and contextual teaching and learning;
  6. To produce a good number of capable persons for parish work and other ministries.

Contact Details
The Very Rev. Eleuterio J. Revollido
Rector, Aglipay Central Theological Seminary (ACTS)
01 Nancamaliran West, Urdaneta City,
2428 Pangasinan, Philippines


Saint Paul’s Theological Seminary (SPTS) is a theological institution dedicated to serve the theological training needs of the Church for ordained and lay ministry.


SPTS has the vision of being a worshipping, witnessing and teaching faith community dedicated to the formation of theological students and lay people for effective parochial leadership.


SPTS exists to provide avenue for deeper vocation formation and to train and equip people for the ministry in the work of Christian worship, witness and service. SPTS communicates God’s Word and Truth in order to make Disciples. SPTS emphasizes life-change not simply content transmission.


  1. To prepare seminarians for the Holy Order and to equip them to become effective, efficient and empathetic priests and pastors;
  2. To train seminarians for building the faith community;
  3. To provide seminarians with zealousness for mission and evangelizing work;
  4. To educate and train lay people for effective lay ministerial leadership.

Contact Details
The Very Rev. Larry J. Herrera
Rector, Saint Paul’s Theological Seminary (SPTS)
Sta. Teresa. Jordan
5054 Guimaras, Philippines


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